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Pico 2000 !FREE!

i play back pico's free or imax movies on my 48-2 projector. i can get the most out of them in the dark room. it is a small area with four seats that can be set up in any way for seating as many people as are available. the dark room lets you watch movies on the wallscreen where the seats are. on cold winter nights the dark room can get chilly, but it is well worth the $4.95 admission. i also recommend a $4.50 popcorn and a $2 picotunes purchase.

Pico 2000

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if you are a ski bum, remember that pico is in the middle of the killington ski resort. if you want easy access to interstate 495 there is a free shuttle that runs from summit to pico during ski season.

in addition to enjoying the mountains, pico is a great place for local residents to relax and socialize. some of the fun runs may not be challenging, but they are unique. when you feel like a challenge, bring a friend and climb with pico's professional guides.

treat yourself to a massage at pico's health spa. you can have a 30-minute "water", "herbal" or "deep" massage for $25.00. when i was visiting pico's, they had free water treatments for a group of three.

this was the mountain that i was the least excited to ski. i would ski it on a day when the very crowded superstar and timberline slopes just didn't feel like my sport. i would ski it when it was crowded as the one time i managed to ski here it was a packed house. the great ski lines leading up to chicken hawk, the long, groomed jib at the very top, and the real downhill to the top entrance were all the things i hated. that feeling in my gut was that i was skiing no different from pico. the fact that the hill was paved and one of the most glaciated in new england was further challenging to me.


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