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Windows 7 Ultimate Black Platinum Edition (64-bit) ISO Download - The Ultimate Windows Experience

Hello,i upgrade from xp(where i had NO SOUND PROBLEMS on my onboard realtek sound card)to windows 7 ultimate(here my sound is distortioned/crackling)!I try disable all enhancements,the default format to 44100hz,disable some levels into realtek hd audio manager with no result!Please help me,with the same latest audio driver i had no problem in windows xp!

windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) black platinum edition download

ihave downloaded realtek hd audio driver through softonic downloader.While installing,the accept botton of the license agreement does not working. i have tried the tab+enter key. it still does not pc is compaq b940 with windows 8.

after installing a new hard drive and downloading windows 7 i had the same problem with my dell. i had to go under device manager and since there were no drivers listed under sound i located under the unknown category. there was an unknown audio driver there so i double clicked it and updated the driver. now everything works perfectly


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