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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Episode 12

Back in the forest, Celtic Guardian disappears in a beam of light, transforming into a small capsule. Now, Yugi knows where he'd seen this before. Somehow they have entered a real life version of Capsule Monsters. However, he is soon again attacked by a monster, this time it's a Trent. Pharaoh realizes the strange device on their wrists are for launching the capsules that house their monsters in order to summon them. Calling upon Celtic Guardian, the Pharaoh attacks the tree, but it gets the upper hand and injures Celtic Guardian. The Pharaoh feels Celtic Guardian's pain and realizes that the Capsule Monster world is a deadly Shadow Game. To make matters worse, the Trent turns surrounding trees into copies of it to assist its attack. However, the Pharaoh releases a new capsule monster to assist them, the fire-attribute Hinotama Soul. It easily burns the Trents to ash. The Pharaoh switches with Yugi, and Yugi runs off to find his friends.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Episode 12


They then reach a temple in the middle of the lake and enter to have the doors shut behind them. Joey notices a "giant tea pot" in the middle of the room and (having switched with Yugi) the Pharaoh tells him it is not a tea pot. La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp emerges from the lamp. The Pharaoh summons Celtic Guardian and begins fighting the genie. Suddenly, the doors swing back open and a flood of water rushes in. It then freezes, trapping Téa and Solomon in ice. The perpetrator behind this is Neo Aqua Madoor, "Jack Frost's evil cousin". Tristan and Joey summon their monsters to help out the Pharaoh despite his constant protests, telling them to not interfere out of concern for their safety. Joey then tells him that they don't want to see him get hurt either as the Pharaoh realizes they can use the two enemies' attacks against each other. After faking head on attacks, Celtic Guardian and the others' capsule monsters back off as Neo Aqua Madoor and La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp's attacks collide into each other and destroy them.

They arrive in a desert and find a village, where they are given a pendant and the instructions for the first trial: "Silence the whisper that rides the desert wind". While Solomon stays a safe distance from everyone else, they call forth their monsters and destroy a Medusa Worm, which they initially believed to be the enemy. However, it turns out to be one of many Medusa Worms under the voice's control. Everyone but the Pharaoh is spat on by a worm and is turning to stone. Dark Magician takes the Pharaoh above the storm and the voice sent to confuse them to show him a tornado causing it. The Pharaoh calls Dark Magician back to his capsule and proceeds on foot to reach the voice. However, he isn't strong enough to reach the tornado. He then sees a man wearing a cape and mask, telling him to merge with the Dark Magician to gain the strength needed to pass the trial. Doing so, the Pharaoh becomes the Dark Warrior and flies into the tornado to find the voice is Mystical Sand. Silencing her, the Pharaoh clears the trial and reverses the Medusa Worms' petrification on his friends. The armor takes a toll on the Pharaoh as he is not used to it yet. Yugi takes his place to relieve some of the pain and tells of the man he saw explaining how to use the armor. One of the five shapes on the pendant lights up to signify the victory over this trial, and a doorway comes out of the sand.

Yami Yugi is also capable of activating the power of his Duel Armor and fusing with his monsters. As of episode 9, he has fused with Dark Magician, Magician of Black Chaos, and Black Luster Soldier. In episode 10, he also fused with Blue-Eyes White Dragon which the villagers know as the Divine White Dragon. Yugi has also fused with his friend's dragons to form the Armor of Unity in episode 12.

EPISODE 9-18:25The guy who has been following our heroes has reveled himself to be Alexander the Great from Macedonia.He had the Millenium Ring and a Duel Armor, and with them, he easly was conquering every country on earth.But, the millenium Ring was clouding his judgement and lost the trust of his men (Making him the first Millenium Ring user 2000 years ago before Bakura).-17:03Shadii invites Alex to the trials of the capsule monsters, but her failed because he was hungry for power and thats why his indian invasion was a bust.

  • This episode contains examples of: All Your Powers Combined: The Armor of Unity is made of Joey, Tea, Tristan and Solomon's dragons merging with Yugi's Duel Armour.

  • Beam Spam: Reshef's Omni-Directional Laser Assault.

  • Human Shield: Alexander uses his vassals this way, using their monster's energy to power Reshef. When Reshef is damaged, they feel the pain instead.

  • Keep the Reward: Yami earns the power to control the world, but has no interest in it.

  • More Expendable Than You: Yugi's friends argue that they're more expendable than he is and Alexander may have a point in saying to sacrifice them to win, but Yugi says that while he knows there's a lot at stake, they're his best friends and there's no way he'd desert them. Yugi then sends his monsters to help his friends, leaving himself defenseless.

  • No One Gets Left Behind: When his friends tell him to abandon them for the sake of winning over Alexander the Great, Yugi violently refuses and is adamant to stand by them, even if it means losing.

  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Alexander the Great calls Yugi out on his refusal to sacrifice his friends to ensure his own victory, a sentiment his friends actually agree with.

  • They Were Holding You Back: Alexander claims this about Yugi's friends and urges him to sacrifice them so they'd be on equal footing. Yugi's friends actually agree with this, but Yugi himself does not.

  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: Yugi and his friends spent several days in the Capsule Monsters world, but only an hour passed in real life.

MBT gets some early damage in attacking with a Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke, but then Gavin gets a Spirit Reaper out. He Summons Lava Golem to MBT's field, MBT tries to Bottomless but Gavin uses My Body as a Shield in response. MBT gets over the Spirit Reaper by bringing back Sasuke, and pushes in for a lot of Damage. Gavin uses double Smashing Ground and Sets monsters to survive long enough to get to a Chaos Sorcerer, but MBT uses Different Dimension Capsule to get to a CED and finishes out the game for his first episode win. 041b061a72


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