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Where To Buy Rhodia Extra Quality

Why don't you guys do a 110% or 120% guarantee like other many retailers? That is because we want to ensure an honest commitment. You find a lower price, we do a match and you are happy and we are happy that we have got the business. Instead of the 110% where you are arguing for the difference and just luring business, we want your business but we want it in a satisfied way. Bascially, for us Price is not the only point, customer satisfaction is more important. Morever, it gives a wrong impression that you are going to get and extra 10% or 20% off, whereas you are only getting 10% or 20% off the different price which may be only a few couple of dollars or worse some cents. WE would like things to be straight forward.

where to buy rhodia


Rhodia notebooks are known for their high quality and timeless design. These pads are great for artists, writers, notebook fans, and people who love high quality goods.Each pad has a coated cover that is scored to neatly fold over the top of the notepad. The stiff back page makes it easy to use these notepads anywhere. The paper is 80g ultra smooth paper that is fountain pen friendly.

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