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V2. Escape From Hell Napisy Polskie

On Level 2, Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino are seen running from several Wild Beasts of Hell. Luffy says that they don't have time to keep running while Buggy says that they must or they will become the monster's prey. Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino all attack the monsters at the same time but Luffy hits a Puzzle Scorpion that splits down into smaller beings. The monsters continue to chase after them but eventually lose Luffy and the others. The monsters and Puzzle Scorpions suddenly stop running and hear the sound of stomping and run off in that direction. Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino emerge from hiding from above as it is revealed that Buggy separated his feet and tricked the monsters into running away. However, Buggy blew their cover and the monsters soon start chasing after them again. Buggy then says that he heard that the boss of Level 2 is a large, lion-like creature. Luffy thinks the lion-like monsters chasing them are it but Galdino explains that they are Manticores and they will be trouble if they are caught by them. The Manticores suddenly start to imitate people voices and Galdino tells Luffy and Buggy to ignore them, as they're only randomly repeating what the prisoners have been saying; they don't actually know what it means. Some of the Manticores start saying weird things like "loincloth" and "strawberry panties", which creeps out Buggy (baffled by their stupidity) who asks just who have they been listening to around here. Luffy then asks Galdino how they can get further down and Galdino is surprised to hear that Luffy is not trying to escape. Buggy then tells Galdino that Luffy intends on saving his brother Ace and Galdino is shocked to hear that Luffy and Ace are related. Galdino, not wanting to have any part, tries to escape but is caught by Luffy who asks where the stairs are. Galdino then remembers that the stairs leading to Level 1 also lead down to Level 3 and intends on using Luffy to keep the beast distracted so he can escape to Level 1. Galdino agrees to help out and the group head down some stairs. Galdino ends up running into a large monster and it is revealed to be the guardian of Level 2: the Sphinx. The other monsters run away and the Sphinx suddenly starts to attack Luffy's group. Buggy and Galdino suddenly form a secret "Escape Alliance" and plan on using Luffy as a decoy.

V2. Escape from Hell napisy polskie

After Terra declares that the activity has started, everyone proceeds to attack each other with different magical powers, except Eda and Raine, who are both rather unwilling to fight. Raine gives Eda a mournful look, then escapes by creating a bright flash. Eda runs away while dodging attacks, and after some time, she encounters a cyclops demon girl and a student from St. Epiderm on her team. They ask Eda to come along with them, as they have a plan to capture all the enemy team members. However, Eda refuses, finding the activity and Terra herself to be completely crazy. While chatting with each other, the cyclops demon girl mentions that she heard about a kid who's been coming to the event for years, and the St. Epiderm student reveals to her that the kid is his classmate, Raine. After discussing them for a bit, the St. Epiderm student decides that they should capture Raine, and before Eda can protest, they drag her away.

Izuku, Ochaco, and Tsuyu land on a hill of rubble on the third floor, with the opening they fell through being sealed up by more debris. Ochaco suggests that Izuku should break the rubble to form an escape path, but Tsuyu advises against it, noting that the building hasn't settled from the tremors. The team decides to move each piece of rubble individually using Ochaco's Zero Gravity. Momo calls out to the group from above, stating she's trapped and that Tenya was knocked out and injured after saving her from falling debris. Izuku instructs her to stay put and to create glue to hold the debris together and prevent it from falling on top of them.

A month after the incident in Seattle, Sean and Daniel have taken shelter in an abandoned house deep in the woods. As Daniel becomes increasingly ill, Sean decides to risk traveling to the nearby town of Beaver Creek in order to seek help from their distant grandparents, Claire and Stephen Reynolds. During their stay at the Reynolds' home, Daniel uses his powers to stop next-door neighbor Chris Eriksen from falling from his tree house, inadvertently causing the latter to believe he has superpowers as the two become friends. The next day, Chris' father invites the brothers on their trip to the Christmas market, where Sean meets the homeless transients Cassidy and Finn. Once back at the house, Daniel convinces Sean to assist him in searching their mother's room, where they come across a letter expressing her concerns about her sons following the Seattle incident. Moments later, Claire returns home with Stephen and confronts the brothers over violating her rules and trust; during the ensuing argument, Stephen leaves to his workroom, where he becomes pinned underneath his long-neglected cupboard. After Stephen is pulled free, Beaver Creek's sheriff arrives at their home in search for Sean and Daniel, causing Claire to distract him at the door while the brothers flee the house. During their escape, Chris can either help guide them towards an alternate escape route, discover that he never had powers after Daniel flips a police car, or become injured by said car. Afterwards, the brothers jump aboard a train heading out of Beaver Creek. 041b061a72


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