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Kitab Taurat Asli Pdf __FULL__ Download

the young student travels to jerusalem and the jewish temple and there he hears the prophets of taurat and zabur. these prophets tell him that the stone is not the stone of the bread of life promised in the taurat but is the stone of the punishment for the oath of the priesthood. the priests have taken an oath to reject the word of god and replace it with the traditional laws. the priests have kept that oath and have obstructed the prophets and now the people are forbidden to enter the promised land. the people must wait for the promised time of the destruction of jerusalem.

kitab taurat asli pdf download

the young student travels to jerusalem and sees the stone in the temple. the stone is the stone of the bread of life promised in the taurat and so the jewish people are released from the trap of the priests and the prophets of the taurat and zabur. the people are free to enter the promised land.

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