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Six months later, another Jigsaw victim is discovered by Lieutenant Rigg and Detectives Kerry and Hoffman. In his test, Troy was to rip chains from his body in order to flee from a bomb; however, the door to the room was sealed, making the trap inescapable and thus going against Jigsaw's methods. Kerry, who feels guilty over Matthews' disappearance, later awakens in a harness hooked into her ribs. A key to unlock the device is within a beaker of acid; though she retrieves it, the device still tears her rib cage apart in opposite directions, making her trap inescapable as well.



Jeff, a man who seeks vengeance for the death of his son, and Lynn Denlon, a depressed doctor, are also kidnapped under John Kramer's orders. Lynn is brought before John, now bedridden from cancer, by his apprentice Amanda. She is given a straightforward game: keep John alive for the duration of Jeff's game. Should John die, or should she try to escape, the collar around her neck will fire five shotgun shells at her head. Meanwhile, Jeff awakens in the middle of an abandoned meatpacking plant and is informed that he must go through several tests, which will lead him to "the man responsible for the loss of his child. Let the game begin..."

In his first test, Jeff enters a freezer and finds a woman named Danica Scott, the only other witness to a drunk-driving accident that killed his son Dylan. By refusing to testify in court, she became an object in Jeff's vengeance. Danica is stripped naked and chained between two poles spraying ice-cold water at random intervals. She eventually convinces Jeff to help her, though she freezes solid before he can retrieve the key from behind frozen metal bars.

In his second test, he successfully frees Judge Halden from the bottom of a pit being filled with liquefied pig corpses, by incinerating his late son's toys to retrieve a key. Halden had only sentenced Dylan's killer to six months in prison, further fueling his vengeful side.

The third test brings Jeff face-to-face with Timothy Young, his son's killer, who is strapped to a machine that will twist his limbs and neck one by one until they break. Jeff retrieves a key attached to the trigger of a shotgun, but Halden is killed when the shotgun accidentally discharges, and Jeff is too late to save Timothy before his neck is fatally broken. With his tests nonetheless complete, Jeff moves on to the final area.

Meanwhile, Lynn and Amanda work together to keep John alive. During an improvised brain surgery intended to relieve tension on John's brain, he semi-consciously professes his love for another woman, who Amanda mistakes for Lynn. Distressed from witnessing this, Amanda leaves the sickroom to continue watching Jeff's progress. It is revealed that Amanda cuts herself in her stress, and she recollects speaking with John and kidnapping Adam prior to the events of the first film. Soon after, Amanda also finds a letter addressed to her, its contents causing her more distress.

Following the surgery, Lynn and John talk privately; Lynn reveals that her ordeal has given her a new appreciation for her family. Amanda returns with the news that Jeff's tests are complete, but she refuses to release Lynn, not believing she has learned anything. She doesn't believe anybody changes after being tested, and designed her tests to be inescapable accordingly, including Troy's and Kerry's. She also reveals that she and Eric Matthews fought after he escaped the bathroom trap, and that she managed to overpower him and leave him for dead. Additionally, she returned to the bathroom trap and gave Adam Faulkner-Stanheight a mercy killing.

Jeff arrives in the makeshift sickroom just as Amanda shoots Lynn in the back; he retaliates by shooting Amanda in the neck. A saddened John reveals to Amanda that Lynn's test was actually hers; she was being tested on her will to keep someone alive; she had not known that Jeff and Lynn were married. Amanda dies from her wound, and John gives Jeff one last test, where he can choose to either kill John or forgive him for all the pain he has caused him and his family. If Jeff forgives him, John will call an ambulance to save Lynn. Jeff takes a circular saw, tells John he forgives him, and slashes his throat. The door to the room seals as the dying John pulls out a tape recorder, which tells Jeff that he has failed the test by killing John, who was the only person to know the whereabouts of Corbett, Jeff's daughter; Jeff would have to play another game to find her before she runs out of air. As the message ends, John goes into cardiac arrest and dies; the shotgun collar simultaneously destroys Lynn's head, leaving Jeff sealed in the room with the three corpses.

Variety published an article on the newly created Saw III promo posters that have actually been created with the blood of Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw in the movie. They used some of Bell's blood that was mixed in with the red ink to be printed on the poster. Lionsgate marketing guru Tim Palen came up with the idea when discussing how to create the deepest blood red color.

"We decided to do a poster and he's wearing a red cloak. I was talking to the printer and asked what we could do to get the deepest blood red. I asked if it would be possible to use actual blood. There was silence. He said, 'We could try, but are you serious?' I said I was dead serious," Palen said.

The 1000 posters from the first printing will be sold for $20, where the first one, signed by the cast and crew, will be auctioned off. You can bid on the auction or buy them right here (currently closed). This is all part of the Saw blood drive that Lionsgate has run every year in coordination with each movie's release. The proceeds from the sale of the posters and the auction will go to the Red Cross.

All in all this is one of the coolest ideas I've ever heard of or seen for a poster. Tim Palen and his marketing ideas for Saw have been incredible. They're part of what has made the Saw franchise so incredibly succesful and will guarantee and greater success for Saw III opening on October 27th. I know I'm buying at least one of these posters!

The Saw franchise is one of the hottest horror series in recent memory. It brings a very distinct psychological twist to the macabre themes for which the genre is known, and yet also features the exciting "gorific" moments with the unique traps that lead "villain" Jigsaw creates. Saw III completes the trilogy experience and delivers a full-on, dark and horrific film bursting with excitement and energy from its very first scene to its jaw-dropping conclusion. It is undoubtedly the best movie of the trilogy and really shines with some of the most capable and incredible filmmaking ever seen from director Darren Lynn Bousman. Saw III is the best horror film of 2006.

Saw III picks up immediately following Saw II at a very swift pace. Jumping right into the horrific nature that Bousman delivers best, Saw III never stops for a second to allow you to catch your breath. Without divulging too much of the story, as the very intricate and meticulous plot is what makes Saw III so intriguing, it's a close continuation from the first two, often connecting via flashbacks. The two new leads this time around are Jeff (Angus Macfadyen) and Lynn (Bahar Soomekh), whose direct involvement can only be found out by seeing Saw III in theaters. Everything comes together to a shocking climax that no one in the audience will see coming. When it finally hits, you'll feel the chills down your spine as you realize that yet another fantastic Saw movie has baffled you again.

The traps, although not as numerous as most Saw fans may hope for, turned out to be just as enjoyable as those found in the first two films. They are designed well enough to ramp that "gorific" shock-factor right back up to the most appropriate level that horror fans expect in a Saw film. Each one brings all the expected nasty, grotesque excellence that Bousman and his team creates best, and will definitely earn an infamous spot amongst the horror genre's great kills. Squeamish viewers are guaranteed to spend much of the running time looking away from the screen. Saw's strength as a horror movie isn't its cheap jump-scares, but rather its gore and the jaw-dropping "oh-my-god" factor elicited by its many traps and secrets.

Villainous mastermind Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) appeared only briefly in the original Saw and was seen throughout Saw II. This time around he's constrained to a hospital bed, yet every single word he says and every sentence he speaks is full of depth and wisdom. Bell is the glowing personality that makes the entire Saw franchise grow far beyond a series of traps, and in Saw III he turns in his greatest performance yet. Shawnee Smith as Jigsaw's new apprentice Amanda creates an emotional character whose intricate understanding is portrayed perfectly with subtlety and depth. Even newcomers Bahar Soomekh and Angus Macfadyen fit easily into the gloomy atmosphere that makes up Jigsaw's universe.

Although most will have to look away at some of the more intense moments, Saw's incredibly intellectual filmmaking will gain attention in the minds of even those who typically stay far away from horror. Saw III is one of the very few horror films out there that is capable of doing so, and this is due largely in part to the original writing from Leigh Whannell combined with expert storytelling from director Darren Lynn Bousman. It has a very organic and natural feeling, something that is rare to see together in combination with an original, incredibly entertaining, and profound film.

Last Word:Saw III is this year's best horror film and the best in the Saw trilogy. It lives up to the hype and even provides more gut-wrenching, jaw-dropping, edge-of-your-seat intensity and excitement. The gore presses the limits of an R rating and will force many to look away, but not at the cost of numbing the experience. Everyone in Saw III, from actors Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Dina Meyer, Bahar Soomekh, and Angus Macfadyen, to the filmmaking team of director Darren Lynn Bousman, screenwriter Leigh Whannell, cinematographer David Armstrong, and producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, embody what make the Saw franchise so incredible and so powerful. They deserve a standing ovation for this collaborative achievement. 041b061a72


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