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StarCraft CD-Key Changer

Užitečný program sloužící ke změně CD klíčekeye.Vhodné pro lidi,co mají starcraft stažený a nemají originální klíč.Později si ale svůj originální klíčkey koupí a pomocí tohoto prográmku si jej mohou lehce změnit.

StarCraft CD-Key Changer


Ok so I purchased two copies of d2 and expansion. I installed from a disc originally, then copied all the files and renamed the folders d2key1 and d2key2. I used Serbys cd key changer on the copies folder and put in my key I received from the digital download on blizzards site. From there I run one version in windows mode and the duplicate version that should have the 2nd key sandboxes, but when I try to connect to battlenet it says that my key is already in use by me. I am not computer savvy and have looked at every guide I can but can not figure out why Serbys isn't changing my key on my duplicate copy of diablo. Please can someone help me through this? 041b061a72


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